Honorary Consulate of the
Democratic Socialist Republic
of Sri Lanka in Hamburg
and Schleswig-Holstein

List of services

Renewal of Passports

The Honorary Consulate attests documents for new or the renewal of passports and shall not entertain applications for lost passports for which the applicant must come to the closest Sri Lankan embassy.

The following documents will be need to be forwarded for passport matters conducted by the Honorary Consulate:

  • New Passport Form (Form K) completed. Signature and declaration on page 2 (without touching the edges), and declaration on page 3, are needed.
  • Lapsed passport
  • Colour photographs (4.5 x 3.5 cm), provide 3 copies. Please paste 1 photo on the first page and 2 photos on the second page, where the right photo must be attested by the Honorary Consuls. Photos should clearly show the ears, hair drawn back and without glasses.
  • Original Birth, Marriage (for women only) Certificates and National Identity Card. If the NIC is not available, provide a letter explaining the reason for this.
  • Proof of payment of relevant Passport fees (€140) with a copy of the payment. Zahlschein or Uberweisung or Postal Order to the Mission in Berlin, not the Consulate.

Required documents are available for download
on the embassy website.

Emergency Passports

An NMRP (or Emergency Passport) or a Temporary Travel Document is valid only for one-way travel to Sri Lanka. It is issued by the Embassy in Berlin. Nonetheless the Honorary Consulate can attest the right documents and forward it to the Embassy.

The Honorary Consul shall attest:

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Copy of National Sri Lankan ID
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

The applicant needs to show proof of payment for either of the following:

  • NMRP with a copy of lost passport (€48.00)
  • NMRP without copy of lost passport (€151.00)

Required documents are available for download
on the embassy website.

Certificate of Life

The Honorary Consulate shall also issue a certificate of life application for Sri Lanka after verifying the identity of the individual concerned.

The applicant is required to follow the instructions mentioned in this document.

Birth Registrations

The Honorary Consulate may accept applications for birth registrations from eligible Sri Lankans in their respective jurisdictions. The mother or the father should be citizens of Sri Lanka at the time of the birth.

Original documents shall be attested by the Honorary Consuls and shall be sent to the mission to be processed. Honorary Consuls may ask for a stamped envelope from the applicant.

The following documents need to be submitted:

  • The child's original Birth Certificate issued by the Local authority, provide 3 copies.
  • Original Marriage Certificate of the parents, in 3 copies. English translations are not accepted.
  • Passports of Parents, provide 3 copies. Data, Visa, Renewal Pages & Endorsement, if any.
  • Parents’ original Birth Certificate, provide 3 copies.
  • If the Birth Registrations is not done within 3 months of birth; provide a letter of explanation as to why this was not registered.

The following forms should be completed by the parents of the child:

All needed documents are available for download
on the embassy website.

Visa Applications

The Honorary Consulate does not handle any Visa matters, but you can apply on your own through the Official Website for Visa Applications.

Not Offered

The Honorary Consulate does not offer any of the following services:

  • General Attestations
  • Travel Advice

For Travel Advice, please refer to the German Foreign Office. For any of those (or other) matters, we kindly refer to the external resources below.